Tuesday, November 9, 2010

and they will kill us all

lady gaga is a monster, and that is a nasty way to start this entry with. hey my name is gee and u can all call me gee. i used to have a blog, which i've hidden from the public view for no solid reasons. you can click HERE and you'll find nothing. try it. seriously, no, try it.

and so, i have just completed the first semester of diploma in accountacy. i have five more semesters to go and all i hope for is to not stay in a room that is situated at level 5 for any semesters to come, but ironically, i'll be staying again, at level 5 for the next semester. and yes, i've had enough already. not that i've had enough walking up and down the stairs, just that i've had enough the fat won't fall off from it's position. it sucks. and that story of makcik jual nasi lemak through windows, still scares the shit out of me.

anyhoo. the reason why i am moving to this blog site is that i want to have a new blog. actually, there is no particular reason to it. so, yeah. till we meet again. i'm sorry for the lame update. just bear with it. chiao!